Thursday, 26 February 2009

Various Artists - Wildcats OST - 1985 - Warner Brothers

I don't usually rate movie soundtracks, as I've already said, yet I would recommend you check out this gem from 1985 from the Goldie Hawn comedy, "Wildcats". This compilation features three stunners from James Ingram, Randy Crawford and Michael Jeffries. The songs, as was common in the days when music was made for films and not vice versa, are really pertinent to the storyline and the haphazard, zany existence of the main character. This is, I fear, only available as an LP and not on CD. One track, however, can be found as a 'bonus' track on Randy Crawford's "Abstract Emotions" CD from 1986. I've posted a link below so you can get the feel of this wonderful, feelgood track. Randy Crawford is an artist who has so much potential and has delivered much in the way of quality goods. This is a track that does not have enough exposure and it's about time it was really given the props it deserves.

Randy's song "I Don't Wanna Be Normal" is SUPERB. The lyrics are so relevant to many people's lives, and is an enabling song which makes you feel like you can shatter the chains and do what you really need to do. I live this way and am happy to have jumped outside the sheep pen many years ago. Thank God I'm not 'normal'! Whatever that means. The song is produced by Rufus' "Hawk" Wolinski and James Newton Howard. A brilliant song oozing an effortless positivity. The version below has been extended and not as good as the album version though! My second choice is a track called "Hard To Say" by James Ingram. Man, this guy can project his voice like no other and this song has to be one of the best, rarest and least known songs he has recorded. Can we not have this on a compilation, please, Mr. Warner Brothers???? This is another epic Hawk Wolinski / James Newton Howard collaboration. Thirdly is the single, "Razzle Dazzle" by Michael Jeffries. A shade poppy perhaps, but of it's time and great fun. The album featured tracks from the likes of Brenda Russell, Tata Vega, Mavis Staples and the Isley Brothers. Well worth picking up.

Barry Towler
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